The Richard Sax Ross E.P. is almost ready. Ross is currently recording some final baritone sax parts, and then the songs will be mixed in Germany.
coL is currently working on his 49th album: "Left To The Innocents". It features guest appearances by: Richard Sax Ross (Saxophone), Michael Neergaard (Flute), Nigel Lundemo (Drums), and Ian Walker (Bass). In addition, coL has already written his entire 50th album, and is recording it in Berlin.
The Glenn Campling & coL E.P. entitled "PLAY" is coming along nicely. It has been several years since Glenn Campling (Tones On Tail) has recorded new material, so we are very excited
about this release!
Lucy "Self Portraits 94-96"

coL has brushed the dust off a box of 20-year old cassettes and put together a compilation of his earliest musical recordings.

"Lucy" was started while he was still in High School, and originated with coL on vocals and guitar, and grew to have a drummer and in the final tracks; the addition of a bass player.

The material moves from ambient guitar into crunching teen-angst.

Available at the links below:

Of Life - Drink The Run

Karoline Hausted - Camilla

Tattoo Design