Niloc Epil first began writing and recording his own brand of meditative thumping electronic soundscapes in the late 1990's. The first few albums were recorded completely using 4-Track and external cassettte machines, and in a very rudamentary fashion, using a couple of synths and drum machines. The recordings were done straight onto tape, without any signal processing, giving the material a raw sound. Additional overdubs were done with thru a stereo system, recording the new tracks with a microphone. All albums have been produced by coL.

97 - 98 (1998)

This (1999)

Surroundings (2001)

Some Things Are More Important Than Life EP (2012)

Zero Hype (2014)

Those Who Think They Know What You Experience
 EP (2015)

Funeral For Fantasy (2015)

The Poor Child OST (2015)

Campy OST

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