Richard Sax Ross has been a staple of the Los Angeles underground music scene for several years, recording and performing with bands such as Puro Instinct and Ariel Pink. It was Pink who
first introduced Richard Sax Ross to coL in 2008. After returning to Los Angeles from Denmark in 2010, coL tracked Ross down and the two quickly began to collaborate. First, Ross playing on coL's much anticipated 49th album "Left To The Innocents". After that the focus was directed on material written by Ross. The pair worked in a joint manner off and on over the next few years, which resulted in coL producing two EP's for Ross. Blending the seriousness and the comedy of love into wonderful indivdualistic music that Ross has dubbed: "Schmooze Pop".

The Man From The Nearly Recent Future EP (2015)

The Rest of A Long Time EP (2016)

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