Quietly and with little notice, coL crafted 47 albums in seven years. Originally a painter as a child, coL turned to music as a teenager, and never looked back. He is a self-taught musician and plays the guitar, bass, drums, synthesizer, and pattern programming. coL's singing has always been punk in it's nature, letting whatever comes out be. Over the years coL has remained true to this style, even going as far as improvising several albums' lyrics on the spot. Independence and forward thinking have always been at the forefront of coL's work. Despite the fact that coL has had almost no exposure to the public, his influence can be felt around the indie music community. Either in a sub-conscious way, or the other artists that he has connected with, spreading his sound in their own direct manner. Such as Boards of Canada pointing to his work as Unique in the landscape of modern music.

Love At First (2002)  
123 (2005)

Forget The Spotlight (2005)

The Hero and The Human (2006)

Asylum (2006)

The Prince of D.I.Y. (2007)

Name in Lights (2008)

We Do Our Best (2008)

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